Downtown Lowell Transportation Evolution Project

On behalf of the City of Lowell, TEC presented the design for the Downtown LowMCM Presenting.Lowellell Transportation Evolution Project at a public hearing to solicit input from area residents and business owners.  Teamed with Nelson Nygaard Associates, TEC is the consultant responsible for the design of this multi-modal infrastructure project that is needed to facilitate private investment and redevelopment in the Downtown Lowell area.  The comprehensive transportation program will aim to restore two-way traffic to Merrimack Street, Market Street, Shattuck Street and Central Street in the heart of Downtown Lowell, which will result in more efficient traffic operations, lower travel times, and a safer environment for pedestrians and bicyclistT0462_Lowell_Public Meeting_9_17_2013s.  The project includes upgrades to seven (7) traffic signals to accommodate two-way flow and meet today’s standards for ADA accessibility.  Construction for this project is currently scheduled to begin in the late spring of 2014 with the ultimate conversion to two-way traffic to occur during the summer while area schools are not in session.

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