Park Street/Lawrence Street Project Receives Chapter 90 Funds

Baker 3Baker 2TEC was honored to be in attendance today as Governor Baker, Mayor Rivera & the State Delegation announced Intersection Improvement Funds will be made available to make the Park Street/Lawrence Street intersection safer. TEC performed the 25% design phase for this project. Now with the release of Chapter 90 money we will be able to complete this project. The Park Street/Lawrence Street intersection is a serious traffic safety hazard for the City of Lawrence with an accident rate of approximately 2.5 times that of the state average and an average daily vehicle traffic of 12,600 vehicles. This is a large neighborhood that supports 13,000 residents, including 14 abutting businesses, a community health center that sees roughly 80,000 patients annually, and an elementary school with a student body and faculty of over 200. This project will greatly improve the area and make it safer for all travelers.

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