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Kevin Dandrade, PE, PTOE
Principal/Worcester Regional Director

Kevin Dandrade

1. What do you love most about TEC?

I love the ‘E’ of our CORE values. Enthusiasm!  We have so many talented technical professionals and project managers, but it is the energy and passion of the ‘E’ that truly sets us apart.  If we continue to bring the ‘E’ to work with us each day, we’ll keep our current clients engaged and happy, and we’ll have new clients, with other exciting projects, seeking to work with us!

2. What is the best advice you can give to a new employee?

First, never be afraid of trying new things, or taking on an aggressive schedule, with enthusiasm and a smile.  It’s very difficult to grow without first being stretched or challenged.  When I look back at the 24 years since I started my career (yikes!), I grew the most when I put myself out there in a challenging role, or was thrown into a challenging permitting environment, kept my head up, and worked my butt off to deliver a project faster or more creatively than anyone may have expected.  Second, learn from your managers and mentors how to effectively and succinctly communicate our engineering/technical jargon into memos, emails, or presentations that the reader or listener can easily understand and keeps them interested in learning more

3. If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day?

My younger brother – a true patriot.  Roughly 17 years ago, he left his career as an environmental scientist doing underground storage tank permitting, wetland flagging, water and soil sampling, and relocating endangered turtles…to join the FBI.  He is a Special Agent with an apparent focus on counterintelligence and homeland security needs.  I’ve always been intrigued by those topics, and over the years, I’ve read a bunch of related novels.   If I could be my brother for a day, I could a) find out about all the things about his job that he says he can’t tell me about; and b) see what it’s really like versus something that Tom Clancy, David Baldacci, or Lee Child has written. As you can imagine, I begged him for forgiveness for all those times that I tooled on him when we were kids after I witnessed his “newly acquired skills” after he got out of Quantico.

Lawrence, MA
Hampton, NH
Worcester, MA

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