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Project Spotlight: Uptack Road Culvert Replacement

Project Spotlight

Project Spotlight: Uptack Road Culvert Replacement

Project Spotlight: Uptack Road Culvert Replacement

TEC provided the structural design and construction oversight for the replacement of the culvert carrying Uptack Road over Johnsons Pond in Groveland, MA.


Prior to the design process, TEC worked closely with the Town of Groveland to secure a STRAP grant to fund the culvert replacement project. Knowing that our project’s design and construction fees would be capped at a certain amount due to the grant funding requirements, our design team was faced with a unique challenge of proposing a cost-effective structure (from a design and construction standpoint) that would stay within the grant funding limits as an overage would be the Town’s responsibility to fund. Ultimately, we proposed a three-sided precast concrete box culvert with cast-in-place concrete wingwalls as this structure type would satisfy the design constraints for the project and be less expensive than a conventional bridge structure. The local Conservation Commission was in favor of this structure type as well, as it met the MassDEP Stream Crossing Standards to the greatest extent practical. TEC’s structural team worked in conjunction with the transportation infrastructure team to design the culvert, wingwalls, and roadway geometry for the project.

In effort to complete construction in the summer months and eliminate impacts to bus travel, an accelerated work schedule was written into the construction contract. This was closely coordinated with the local Towns, police, and local regional school system. The roadway was successfully opened in September 2023, and construction was completed within budget.


Overall, this was a very successful project for the Town of Groveland.

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